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Monday Link Review

Robby Corrado October 24, 2011

Rise and shine, Knovel lovers, you’ve got a beautiful week of scientific marvels ahead. Don’t believe me? Just check out the weird encounters that hit the headlines just a few days ago.

Here’s Last Week’s 5 Strangest Links:

5. Birth of a Planet! Scientists spy a newbie planet, LkCa 15 b.

4. Wise Worms.  Long-lived worms transmit their lifespan to the next generation.

3. Experience VS. Youth. It’s official: experience and knowledge trump the freshness of youth (at least in this study).

2. Cosmos More Mysterious than Ever. Why ‘dark matter’ has scientists scratching their heads.

1. Giant One-Cell Organisms Discovered! Check out these enormous one-celled critters, who’ve been hiding deep in the Mariana Trench.



Whopping one-celled organisms discovered!

Photo by: NOAA.

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