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4 Creepiest Science Experiments

Robby Corrado October 31, 2011

Over the centuries, science has spurred innovation and improved our health and way of life, but in some instances, it’s lead to death, torture and has revealed the darkest parts of the human spirit.

There’s more than enough frightening stories in science, but in honor of Halloween, here’s the few I found the most chilling.



4. The Hofling Hospital Experiment. (1962).

Similar to the famed Milgram experiment, the Hofling Hospital Experiment examined how far people will go to obey rule and convention. In the Hofling Hospital, nurses were ordered to administer a (fictitiously) fatal drug to their patients. Shockingly enough, only 1 out of 22 nurses refused to go through with the procedure and  ‘poison’ their patients.

3. Spider Goats (2002).

In this creepy experiment, Darpa actually funded a study that cross-breed spiders and goats, without knowing the impact this would have on our ecosystem. The result? Goats that produced spider’s silk instead of their own milk!

2. Facial Expressions Experiment (1924).

The goal of psychologist Carney Landis’ experiment was to see if people all displayed universal expressions for joy, disgust, ect. The subjects–most of which were students–had black lines drawn on their faces so their facial movements could be studied. They were then were put through a series of unethical and disgusting situations–being made to observe pornography, smell ammonia, and even decapitate a rat with their bare hands.

1. Russian Scientists Make Zombie Dogs (1943).




DISCLAIMER: If you’ve just eaten lunch, you may want to hold off on viewing our #1 Scariest Experiment!

This infamous film shows Soviet doctors dismembering dogs while keeping them alive by continuing to pump  blood into their hearts. While possibly nothing more than staged propaganda, the video was–and still is–pretty freakin’ disturbing!


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