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Monday Link Review

Robby Corrado February 6, 2012

Happy Post-Superbowl Monday! If your office is anything like ours, its a little quieter than usual, giving you the perfect opportunity to chill out and check out this week’s strangest stories in science!

5. Putty Repairs Broken Bones! Now scientists can heal a broken bone in mere days.

4. Chivalry, Resurrected.  Apparently, selfless acts by men increase dramatically when pretty ladies are nearby.

3. Everything in Good Time. Elephants Took 24 Million Generations to Evolve From Mouse-Size! This intriguing study by National Geographic explains why.

2. Now Showing: Living Brain Cells?! This renowned physicist has invented a microscope that can peer at living brain cells.

1.  Gator-Eating Pythons on the Loose!  These pythons are invading  Florida at a shocking rate. #notcool.

(above) Photo from The Atlantic.

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