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Monday Link Review

Robby Corrado March 5, 2012

Good morning, Knovelists! Welcome back — We’ve got your connection to today’s strangest and most fascinating stories in science.

Here’s Last Week’s 5 Strangest Links:

5. Dark Matter Defies Explanation. See why scientists are so puzzled by dark matter left behind from a wreck.

4. Inside the Mind of a Video Game Champ.  It ain’t pretty, just pretty interesting.

3. Device Stops Speakers Mid-Sentence. Japanese researchers build a speech-jamming gun!

2. Facebook More Important than IQ in Determining Job Performance.  Who knew? ( A lot of people will, when you share this article).

1. Thickest Parts of Arctic ice Cap Melting Faster! NASA notes a rapid decline in the perennial ice cover.

(Below: From our #1 Story — This video compiles NASA’s findings )


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