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Monday Link Review

Robby Corrado March 12, 2012

Good morning, Knovelists ( It may be past noon, but I’m doing my best to ignore daylight savings — you’ll see why below! )

Don’t miss the last in #weirdscience: The good, the bad & the ugly from your own science & engineering community. Here’s Last Week’s 5 Strangest Stories in Science.

5. Daylight Savings is Bad for Your Health! Studies show that heart attacks rise following daylight savings time.

4. Snags in Fossil Dating. The first dinosaur discovered in Spain is younger than originally thought.

3. Einstein vs Borh. Physicist suggests Einstein could have beaten Bohr in famous thought experiment.

2. Scientists Crack the Brain Memory Code. A huge breakthrough in memory encoding!

1. One Step Closer to Proving the Higgs Exists. Scientists in the U.S. said this week they moved closer to proving the existence of the Higgs boson particle.

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