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4 Portable Charging Devices

Virgil March 14, 2012

As a tech geek on the go, the idea of having my smartphone run out of power is a dreadful thought.  Whether off-site on business or unable to find a power socket nearby, I’ve been in many situations where my devices have shut off prematurely.

In order to protect myself from such a terrible fate, I decided to test a few portable charging devices.


1. Perfect for the: Thrifty Geek

This little guy is sold by Think Geek (one of my favorite geeky toystores) and can’t be beat for it’s price.  At $14.99, it’s a steal compared to some of the other options on the market.  The device is charged through an AC wall plug that folds in for portability.  With 4 USB ports, you can charge your phone, tablet and more, simultaneously!


2. Perfect for the: Outdoorsmen, or Zombie Survivalist

The Soladec Hybrid was another charger that I considered.  Unlike the first charger, this one can be charged from sunlight, USB, or a wall plug.  Having that solar option opens up some new use scenarios (during zombie apocalypse you can still play Angry Birds, perhaps?).  Not requiring an AC socket to charge the charger definitely gives it more versatility in certain situations, but at the price point of $98 is something that needs to be taken into account.

3. Perfect for the: Guy Who’s Tired of Having His Wires Tangled

This last power charger comes from PowerGen.  This charger contains 8 adapters so you don’t need to carry a cable for each of your bazillion devices.  Just attach the adapter you need for your device.  It also has a series of pretty blue lights that help to indicate how much juice is left in the charger.  The price is $39.99 at Amazon, which puts it right in the middle of the other two devices.


4. Perfect for the: Heavy Breather/Aspiring Mass Murderer

Lastly, I found this Hannibal Lector or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat-esque portable charging device.  So, yes, what can I say?  I think the picture of this device is worth a thousand words.  Also comes in hot pink and lime green!  Oh joy!

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