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Monday Link Review

Robby Corrado May 7, 2012

Good morning, Knovelists! It’s time for you’re #weirdscience update — Last Week’s 5 Strangest Stories from the Science and Engineering Community.

5. Photos: Another Star Ripped Apart By a Black Hole. Because it never gets old, does it?

4. The Physics of Spilled Coffee. Here’s a good Monday story–see what the brain goes through to keep you from wasting precious caffeine!

3. Study: Jogging Adds 5 Years to Your Life!  In case swimsuit season wasn’t enough to get you on the treadmill.

2. Largest Known Crocodile Can Swallow Humans Whole. Eekk, let’s not mess with this guy.

1. The Single Theory That Could Explain Emergence, Organization And The Origin of Life. A new mathematical model with incredible implications.

(above) From our Top Story: Autocatalytic sets can explain the origin of life.

Image from Technology Review, published by MIT.

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