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Monday Link Review!

Robby Corrado May 21, 2012

Good afternoon, Knovelists! Here’s your weekly dose of #weirdscience: the good, the bad and the ugly from your own science and engineering community. Here’s Last Weeks 5 Strangest Headlines:

5. Reaction Uses Carbon Dioxide to Make Carbon-Based Semiconductor.  This chemical reaction eats up greenhouse gas while releasing energy!

4. Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of Death. Raise your mugs, people.

3. New Dinosaur Raptor Discovered!  These Utah paleontologists dug up something amazing.

2 Edible Stops Signs Control Overeating. Inserting visual, edible cues in food portions has a dramatic impact on one’s tendency to over-eat.

1. Million Year Old Ancient Life Found on the Ocean Floor.  Barely alive ancient life found on at the bottom of the ocean. See how these strange critters have survived over the centuries…

Our Top Story: See what’s lurking on the Ocean Floor!

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